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Catherine McBreen

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Broward County will no longer be the last county to report its votes amid rumors of tainted ballots. Catherine McBreen brings Fairness & Transparency!

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Proud Citizen

Catherine McBreen is a proud citizen dedicated to upholding American ideals. She loves the citizens of Broward County and what this country means to them.

Proud Citizen
Business Owner

Business Owner

Catherine McBreen is a small business owner who is able to lead others, examined and audited bank and financial service company operations for 25 years. Her experiences have developed a keenness for preciseness and integrity.

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Catherine McBreen is a focused attorney with experience with compliance and fiduciary regulations. Her passion for the rule of law, especially for new immigrants who have fled the political corruption of their old governments will make a difference for Broward County Citizens.

Catherine S. McBreen Attorney


Catherine McBreen is an author with a passion to inform and inspire. She has written the book "Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass It On".

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